There was a time when spa treatments were only for the rich and famous. This is no longer true as more and more people enjoy spas and the relaxing environment they provide.

Your first visit is always challenging, so let me give you some information that will help you relax and avoid unwanted surprises.

Make your spa reservations in advance to make sure you have the treatment(s) and days of your choice. While scheduling your appointment specify the therapist gender to make sure you are comfortable during the treatment. Most spas have male and female technicians so it shouldn’t be a problem and keep in mind that you are ALWAYS professionally covered during your treatments.

If you are pregnant please notify the spa concierge to avoid any complications. Many spas require a note from your physician so make sure you have one with you if you are on vacation…

Cell phones and pagers must be turned off prior to entering a spa to ensure a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for all guests.

Please shower prior to your treatments. Most spas have lounges and amenities to facilitate this process.

Generally body treatments and massages are enjoyed without clothing; however, if for any reason you do not feel comfortable as such, know that disposable undergarments are ALWAYS available for your convenience.

Alcohol is not recommended before, during or immediately following spa treatments.

In a resort environment gratuities are automatically added to your spa services. It is always a good practice to ask prior to your visit to avoid any “surprises”.

If you invite your child to the spa, please verify their children policies prior to your visit.

Understand the spa cancellation policies, as you may be charged full price if you do not cancel on time, which is normally 24 hours in advance.

Have fun and relax…… You will get used to it very quickly!!!!

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