Vendor Spotlight: Daniel Stancil Photography

When capturing the events of your wedding day, you wish for the very essence of each moment to be caught through the lens of the camera. Thats exactly what Daniel Stancil of Daniel Stancil Photography thrives for.

daniel stancil

As one of our preferred partners here at Lanier Islands Legacy Weddings, Daniel Stancil provides excellent photography services to couples on their special day.


Daniel Stancil didn’t start on the wedding scene with a camera in hand, he started with a Bible. As an ordained minister, he has performed weddings on the other side of the lens as well.


And, as a part of the ceremony from the other side of the lens, Stancil understands the importance of what couples want captured on their special day.


From the engagement photos to the wedding day, Daniel Stancil dedicates himself to accommodate every need and want of the couple.


Daniel Stancil catches details through the lens that are true and unexpected along with the etched memory of this special occasion.


Visit Daniel Stancil Photography online at to see a complete portfolio of Daniel’s work and to see for yourself how he sees these special occasions through the lens.

For more information or to set up a consultation, call 770-862-1885.



A photo is a memory of yesterday, captured as though time stood still.”

     ~Angelia 1975


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