The Blog is Back

The blog is back here at Lake Lanier Islands Resort!

We are happy to announce that we’ve restarted the blog here at Lake Lanier Islands. Just like our new website received a facelift earlier this year, we’ve given our blog a facelift and are looking to keep you updated with the freshest content happening in and around Lake Lanier Islands!

It’s our wish that you check in with us often to stay current! We’ll see you back here soon!

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  • anonymous - August 7, 2012

    Recently we were at the water park about to go on the thing where you swim in the lake and then get on a floating bounce house obstacle courese. We asked the lifegurd on duty if we should get in line or if there was not any time. We had gotten in line about 20 minutes before the park closed . The lifeguard told us yes to get in. She also told us to get our life jackets. while we were in the water waiting for our turn on the ride the lifegurd was talking to her friends that were at the water park. She was not paying any attention to the people in the water who she was supposed to be watching. When it was our turn to go the lifeguard told everyone to get out of the water because the park was closed. We were dissapointed that she was keeping very bad track of time and wasted our last little time in the park. We got out of line of the slide that we wanted to do to come to this line.

  • Nancy Mitchell - June 8, 2013

    I called about bringing a group of senior citizens over on my boat to hike your trails and have lunch on a Monday. I was told it would cost us $10 per person to hike the trail on top of the cost for lunch. I guess you only want the young and rich to use your facilities. I live on the lake and will probably not visit there again.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 17, 2013

    The $10 is if you are docking at Sunset Cove or Big Beach and then either hanging out on the beach or dining at the restaurants (which comes with a $10 voucher).

    If you’re coming to go hiking, just dock on the opposite cove from Sunset at our courtesy docks at Harbor Landing.

    If you want to eat lunch, try Bullfrog’s Bar & Grille over at the hotel. Or, you can eat any any of our locations inside LanierWorld. You will pay the $10 daily access entry fee for LanierWorld, but you can choose to get it back as a dining voucher, so there’s no additional cost for just coming to eat at LanierWorld.

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