SnowWorld, The Place for Family Fun

The little ones are out of school for winter break,

My teen keeps asking, “What is there to do for goodness sake.”

“I’m bored, I’m bored” echoes down the hall,

As I try to read down the posts on my Facebook wall.

All of the sudden, I see it real plain,

the answer to keeping me completely sane.

I read it again while I laughed and I twirled,

a lot of excitement going on at, Lanier Island’s, SnowWorld.

boy polar pulm

“Hey kids get dressed and bundle up warm, we’re going to play in the snow.”

In five minutes or less they were all ready to go.

We jumped in the van, we were SnowWorld bound,

This winter wonderland on Facebook I had found.

Through the gate we all go with smiles on every face,

The first was Polar Plummet as they all began to race.

The little ones at Cub’s Landing to slide and to throw a snowball,

The teen actually said, “This is like, so much better than the mall.”

FB kids ice kingdom

Ice Kingdom, Wizard’s Chase and fire pits for S’mores,

As everyone yelled, “we want more, more and more.”

Off to the Himalayas and down the Triple Peaks,

After the sled ride down the Intimidator Summit, they could hardly speak.

We took a stroll in the snow past the Polar Vortex into Powder Park,

Time for dinner, it’s now long after dark.

So many choices, TAD’s, Gianni’s and the Glacier Cafe’,

The fire at Sunset Cove is so warm and cozy, I must say.

The food is delicious, but we could no longer wait,

Now to the Polar Rink, for one last chance to skate.

girl IS

The day is now over as we bid a farewell,

The little ones were excitedly exhausted: that I could tell.

With their little eyes closing as they began to rest,

Softly I heard “thanks Mom and Dad, SnowWorld is the Best.”

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