Show Those Toes!

AMAZING news here at LanierWorld! Every single Friday this summer we’re going to be giving away TOE-TALLY AWESOME prizes!! Here’s what you need to do:

Step One: Come to LanierWorld.

Step Two: Remove your shoes. And your socks.

Step Three: Take a picture of your toes doing something “toe”-tally fun! For example, dig your toes in the sand for an exhilarating game of volleyball! Take a peek at your toes as the water pulls them and you down the Intimidator! Prop your toes up by the outdoor fire pits as you listen to live music after sundown! Or, come up with your own wacky idea!

Step Four: Post your picture with the hashtag #ShowThoseToes! You can Tweet it, Post it, OR Instagram it!

We’ll pick a NEW WINNER every Friday at 2pm ALL SUMMER LONG!

“What can I win?!” you ask with excitement. There will be a new awesome prize every week! THIS FRIDAY, you’ll be competing for a FAMILY SEASON PASS PACK FOR 4!! That’s one season pass per toe, with one toe left over!! And those little piggies are going to LanierWorld!!

Get going, friends! Don’t forget, you can #ShowThoseToes on Facebook, Twitter, AND Instagram! Just remember to use the hashtag or we might not see your toe-tally amazing picture!

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  • Alejandro Bustos - June 3, 2014


  • Tracy Butts - June 3, 2014

    Posted picture – hope that is all I need to do.

  • Cassie - June 10, 2014

    It needs to be on facebook, twitter, or instagram, and it needs to have the hashtag #ShowThoseToes. If it’s got those things, we’ll see it! Good luck to you!

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