NEW! LanierWorld Season Pass Family Pack


Announcing great news for families of three or more! Lake Lanier Islands is excited to introduce the all new LanierWorld Season Pass Family Pack! Just in time for Spring Break, now the family that vacations together, saves together! So come on out to LanierWorld this summer, and bring the whole family!

What comes in a LanierWorld Season Pass Family Pack, you ask? First and foremost, you’re getting unlimited access all summer long to LanierWorld, including parking. You’ll get to enjoy all water rides and attractions, including all of our water slides, the South’s largest wave pool, each of our Dive-In Movie Nights, and so much more! You’ll also get unlimited  access to all LanierWorld beach attractions, including Sunset Cove, Big Beach, Aquatic Adventure, and all live shows on the Big Beach Stage! Additionally, you’ve got unlimited access to all carnival rides and attractions at the Boardwalk Fun Zone! Take a spin on our Ferris wheel and get the lay of the land (and the lake!), pick up some great food at one of the Boardwalk eateries, or play one of our fun carnival games to win prizes! Finally, you’ve got access for one to every single one of our Full Moon Parties, normally a $15 cover charge! Now, take all of that, and multiply it by three – that’s the Family Season Pass Bundle!

AND we’ve got this great option now for 2014 with the Family Season Pass Bundle where you can purchase additional Season Passes for family members for only $60 each! Again, that’s the Early Bird Special, so after May 1st, those additional passes will be $70 each.

And now you’re asking, “how much does this amazing LanierWorld Season Pass Family Pack cost?” For 2014, we have Early Bird pricing still in effect for ALL LanierWorld Season Passes. You can check those out here. Specifically, the new 2014 LanierWorld Season Pass Family Pack, which includes 3 2014 Season Passes with unlimited parking and access to LanierWorld water, beach, and carnival attractions, comes in at $199.99 during the Early Bird Special. Starting May 1st, 2014, they’ll be $229.99 per Bundle, so get yours today and save $30 more!

Now the whole family can come hang out at LanierWorld over and over again all summer long! Vacation has never been so fun!

All purchases can be made online at OR, go to and click the “tickets” link at the top of the page.

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  • Lcdillard - March 25, 2014

    I cannot find a calendar for Lanier world – what dates and times is it open on spring break?

  • Cassie - March 27, 2014

    Hi there! Our calendar can be found on our main website, at The LanierWorld calendar can be found at Right now it’s just the hours and days of operation, but it’ll start filling out with special events soon.

  • RC Caldwell - March 31, 2014

    So if we obtain the LanierWorld Season Pass Family Pack the $10 daily parking is included in the price, correct?

  • Len Garrison - March 31, 2014

    The family bundle is great news! We have purchased season passes for years. And I like the emphasis on sand volleyball with more tournaments and scheduling around vball.

    The Garrison fam are looking forward to a good summer!

  • Cassie - April 1, 2014

    Yes, parking is included with the Season Pass Family Pack.

  • Rachel - April 2, 2014

    I am so excited about the family bundle! My crew will be delighted when they realize we have season passes again. Can the family bundle and add’l family passes be purchased on site, or by mail, or must they be purchased online? Thank you!

  • Jim - April 6, 2014

    If we buy online when and where do we pick up our passes?

  • Jennifer Armstrong - April 7, 2014

    Can you purchase 2 family passes? There are 6 people in our family. Dad, Mom and 4 children under 12 years old. Thanks.

  • Cassie - April 7, 2014

    You can purchase the family pack for three people, then add each additional family member for only $60.

  • Cassie - April 7, 2014

    You’ll receive an e-ticket through email, which you’ll bring with you the first time you visit LanierWorld. Show it to the front gate, because your season pass includes free parking. When you get down to LanierWorld, you’ll be directed to the Season Ticket Office, where you’ll be able to pick them up!

  • Cassie - April 7, 2014

    They can be purchased on site and online.

  • walter - April 10, 2014

    Is the Fun Dunker included in the package?

  • Jill Davis - April 12, 2014

    So I purchased 3 early bird passes back in January and paid a higher price. Can I get a refund for the difference I paid?

  • Lezia - April 21, 2014

    What if you are a family of two. A single mom and child? If I purchased this family season passes, can it be an open pass. I don’t have a third person in my immediate family. Great deal, regardless, but I just don’t know who to put in for that pass.

  • Cassie - April 22, 2014

    Yes, as one of our water attractions, the Fun Dunker is included.

  • Cassie - April 22, 2014

    Yep, just give a call or send an email to our LanierWorld Office, and they’ll be able to take care of it for you. 770-932-7218,

  • Cassie - April 22, 2014

    Unfortunately, it’s set up to be three or more. We can’t issue open passes, as each pass will have a photo ID on it. Perhaps you can “adopt” a close friend?

  • Margaret Sullivan - April 25, 2014

    I have been trying to purchase 2 family Earlybird passess plus extra family members and senior passes for 2 days. When calling numerous numbers provided by your office (Including the Gift Shop) I get no answer or a taped message. When I tried to complete the online purchase, I noticed that a Kentucky address was already filled out on the form used to make payment. When I looked up the security code number, the whole page disappeared with all my credit card information except the security code, my email address, and my address. I am most concerned about this. I still do not have the passes I seek. I still cannot get an answer to my requests for assistance (although the person answering the first call is helpful).

  • Shannon - April 30, 2014

    3 quick questions: 1) Does the family pack season pass include admission to special events like the Sweetwater Shrimp Fest next Saturday 5/3? 2) Is mini-golf free with the pass? 3) Are there any food/drink discounts offered for pass holders?

  • Cassie - May 15, 2014

    All Season Passes come with parking, beach access, all rides, slides, and attractions, and special events like our Full Moon Parties. They do not include special food or drink discounts. Mini golf is included with all passes, season or daily.

  • Cassie - May 15, 2014

    Hi Margaret, we’re so sorry for this inconvenience! Email and Cassie will help get you settled if the issue hasn’t been resolved already.

  • Rachel - May 22, 2014

    Does lake Lanier offer a discount for a larger family (family of 9)?

  • Cindy J - May 25, 2014

    We have a 5 and 2 year old . Would we have to purchase a pass for the 2 year old? And are there any rides for the 2 year old?

  • Eugene - May 30, 2014

    Is there any way to cancel a season pass because by mistake i purcessed it for my two years old kid ?

  • Cassie - June 3, 2014

  • Cassie - June 3, 2014

    Children 2 and under are free, so you would not need to purchase a pass for him or her. And if your 5-year-old is under 42″, he or she will also be less expensive than an adult ticket. For the littler kids, we have Wiggle Waves, which is a great mini-water park with a few slides, little riding toys, some interactive objects, and fountains. There’s a ring of beach chairs around the area for parents to keep close watch, and you’re also welcome to be in the area with your child. We also have a variety of entertainers like stilt-walkers and jugglers who roam the park from Big Beach to the Family Fun Park on Thursday-Sunday from 3-6pm. Kids love these guys, they’re very fun! Hope that helps!

  • Cassie - June 3, 2014

    Sort of. We don’t offer big group discounts until you get to 15 people. BUT, we do have this Family Season Pass pack, which is saving on season passes. So for your family, you’d be essentially getting 2 and a half season passes for free – depending on whether any of your 9 are 2 years old or younger, because they’d get free admission anyway.

  • Oj Nelson - June 7, 2014

    So many thks, when have a big family all savings matter
    Love it…. Love your park

    Now I’ll be here all summer. Yaaaaaaaa

  • Amy - July 2, 2014

    Can our Lanierworld Season Family Pass be used for free parking on the Fourth of July to watch the fireworks?

  • Cassie - August 11, 2014

    Yes, your season pass covers parking for special events as well.

  • Sherry - September 3, 2014

    I have a 3 person season pass. Does that mean all 3 of us have free entry to the full moon parties?

  • Cassie - September 4, 2014

    Yes it does!

  • Constanza - September 10, 2014

    We would like to know when will be the last day to use the season pass?

  • Cassie - September 22, 2014

    Hi, Season Passes for the summer season expire the last weekend of LanierWorld. The last weekend of LanierWorld was the weekend after Labor Day.

  • jenia - December 28, 2014

    Do you have any packages for a weekend stay and snow world

  • Lanier Islands - January 6, 2015

    Yes, here is one of our packages for SnowWorld:

  • Lashandra hill - February 9, 2015

    Cassie I was wondering when can I purchase a family season pass and if it would be the same as last year

  • Lanier Islands - February 11, 2015

    They’re on early bird sale currently. Different pricing, but there’s a new slide and a new zip line in LanierWorld with unlimited zipping all summer!

  • charlie - February 27, 2015

    How come prices are different on the site. Does the early bird price be charged when you run the credit card .

  • Julio Ramirez - March 1, 2015

    Me parese maravilloso este paquete familiar me gustaría que lo pusieran también en español ya tenemos ala gran comunidad latina en Atlanta y estamos en aumento gracias

  • Lanier Islands - March 3, 2015

    This is the blog post and the pricing from the family pack last year. It was an introductory rate and discounted as well for a few months of the season last year. The pricing you see online at our ticketing site is correct.

  • Lanier Islands - March 3, 2015

    Envianos un mensaje por correo electronico porfavor a esta direccion:

  • Aksel - March 7, 2015

    Trying to get family season pass but the price on Web site is the one after may 1st. How can I get the early bird price?
    You all mention car parking, but what about boat parking if you get there by boat?

  • Lanier Islands - March 16, 2015

    The early bird price is currently on sale right now at – This is the introductory rate from 2014 for last summer’s season.

  • Laurdell - March 25, 2015

    Is there a promotional code to use for the early bird passes? When I go to the site to purchase my early bird tickets for a family of 3 plus one family add-on, the price is $239.99 and $74.99. This is not the $199.99 and $60.00 that is mentioned above. Thanks for your help.

  • Adriana - March 27, 2015

    It is a promo code to get the price of $199? I am try to buy it but is not that price

  • Lanier Islands - March 27, 2015

    $199 was last year’s price. We have early bird specials and special offers for previous season pass holders?

  • Lanier Islands - March 27, 2015

    This blog post is from last year (2014).

  • nick - June 11, 2015

    if I get the family pass can my son go with his friends and still have a season pass and all that

  • Lanier Islands - June 17, 2015

    Yes, you can! When you buy a family pack, they will give you three individual season passes. You do not have to come as a family each time.

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