Lanier Under The Lights Annual 5K

This time of year is pretty popular for marathons and 5Ks across the South, as the weather is on the cooler side of mild and the leaves changing makes the perfect backdrop for a nice afternoon jog. Some places even have their Christmas decorations up already! Lake Lanier Islands Resort is one such place. It takes a lot of prep-time to put up all those amazing light displays, and we typically get started some time in early October, if not before. So Lanier Under the Lights takes advantage of the last week of preparations before Magical Nights of Lights officially opens, and invites their athletes to come out and run under the lights for a great cause.

Lanier Under the Lights had eight fantastic sponsors this year in addition to ourselves as the mere host: Home Depot, Pro Care EMS (always good to have around at a race), WDUN News Talk Radio, Big Peach Running Co., public accounting firm Deemer Dana & Froehle LLP, Lanier Therapy Motion, Leon Farmer Company, and Tencate. At just over 4,300 participants, the event was a great success! And, thanks to the sponsors and the athletes themselves, Hamilton Mill and Toys for Tots both managed to take in a really solid amount of donations!!

This really couldn’t be a more special event, and we only have you to thank for it! Picture time!

The Hall County Fire Department was having a great time while keeping a watchful eye.

All lined up and ready to go!


There they go!

Lots of people wore festive hats!

The second giant group of people raring to go!

Look how many people! Over 4,000!

And there they go!

This was the winner of the 5K! He was so fast our camera couldn’t grab him!

And here come a couple of our favorites!

We got a lot of thumbs up!

And a lot of arms raised in victory!

Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

This kid was showing off his muscles.

Even Santa could be spotted getting ready for cookie season!


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