Have You Heard About Our Wine Cruises?

Picture it: you’re on a yacht cruising around Lake Lanier with your best friends (or your significant other, or your parents, or yourself, you know whoever), and you’re at a elegantly set table on the top deck, with a light breeze in your hair. The sky is a beautiful cobalt blue and white fluffy clouds line up on the horizon. A waitress appears by your side holding a platter of Gorgonzola stuffed strawberries.

And then a waiter appears on your other side and pours you a fizzy glass of Lamarca – a Prosecco from Italy. Can life get better? Actually it can. Because on our wine cruises, you get to taste six wines – each paired with a gourmet specialty! In addition to fresh strawberries, our first course included grapes, blueberries, dates, assorted nuts, cheddar, smoked Gouda, Swiss, and Pepperjack cheeses.

After guests were nice and settled, our waiters and waitresses cleared plates and began the next course: Lamb Lollypops with a raspberry gastrique sauce. Really they should have just called it Lamb Pops with Awesome Sauce. Interestingly, the raspberry gastrique really pulled out the fruitiness of the traditionally earthy, peppery Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Our third course consisted of incredibly delicious smoked salmon mousse crostini, which paired very nicely with a buttery Chardonnay from William Hill in the Napa Valley.

A bit of an interesting side note here – we experienced a Lake Lanier Islands first when a small group of our guests were a bit late and watched the Island Princess pull away from the dock. Never fearing a small crisis, our Harbor Master acted quickly and masterminded a mid-lake rendezvous with the Princess that even Michael Bay would be impressed by! Our tardy guests were then seated and served and the cruise continued as smoothly as if they had been aboard the whole time. Wow!

Fourth up was a sweet and fruity Rose from Spain: Las Rocas, which was served with a rather intimidating but delectable dish of barbecued Langoustines. Guests were hesitant at first, because really, how in the world do you eat these things? But with some instruction from our crew it quickly became one of the favorites. The spicy skewers really enhanced the sweetness of the Rose!

For our fifth course, our wonderful Chef Melody personally glazed the caramelized onion Consommé Boules with lemon crème fraîche. Our blogger doesn’t know how to pronounce it, so it’s obviously delicious! Essentially, they were mini French Onion Soup bowls, and they were so good.

These were paired with a dry Mac Murray Pinot Noir from the Russian River Sonoma Country.

We polished off the night with our sixth and final course: spiced duck confit served on crispy thin flatbread. The duck was pleasantly flavorful, and happily lacked that gamey toughness that sometimes happens with duck courses. Our chefs know their way around a duck confit!

We served an Alamos Malbec from the Mendoza region of Argentina with this dish, and this bold and spicy red was a great way to finish off the evening.

As we cruised back into Harbor Landing, guests were treated to trays of dessert featuring mini éclair, passion fruit cream puffs, truffles, macaroons, pralines, and assorted fresh berries.

Even with the storms growing in the distance, it was a perfect afternoon with great food and wine, and family and friends! We celebrated three birthdays, and enjoyed a very pleasant and smooth cruise. We hope to see you on our next Wine Cruise, on June 30!



Special thanks to our crew and kitchen staff who did an AMAZING job!! Way to go guys!!!

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  • Hubie Vickers - June 4, 2013

    We would like some prices on the wine cruise.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 4, 2013

    $50 for individuals and $90 for a couple.

    More info: http://www.lakelanierislands.com/events/food/winecruise2013

  • Lynn Battle Shaw - June 7, 2013

    I took my husband on the Wine Cruise on 04/21/13 and we had a wonderful time. When it came time to dock, I put in an order for 2 bottles of wine. I was told that they were out of stock and that I would be called when they came in so that I could pick them up. I have not been contacted to date and my credit card has been charged $35! I am very disappointed as this was an otherwise great experience. I will not do this again.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 12, 2013

    We will look into this for you immediately.

  • Isabel E - September 22, 2014

    Trust me this wine cruise is like the pictures above.
    The quality is is way down from last year.
    They are serving warm wine, pate squares on a brown craker. (gross)
    3 mushrooms on a stick in a cone. My friend was so hungry she
    accidentaly ate the paper. Their was absolutley not enough food.
    the food they serve was not good.
    Dont waste your money.

  • Cassie - September 23, 2014

    We apologize that your experience was poor! We will work to make sure your concerns are addressed with the appropriate persons involved.

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