Gerry Price Hole in One

Gerry Price, President & CEO of Price Industries, makes first ever Hole in One at Legacy on Lanier Golf Club


The Canadian management team of Price Industries headed south to Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia for their managers meeting expecting the usual 75 degrees and sunny skies that October on the lake usually offers.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t pay much attention to its expected averages and twenty-five Price Industries managers from across Canada were met with a murky 48 degrees when they arrived at the golf course.  The team braved the conditions and tackled a tough and testing golf course, where the lake becomes very much a factor on twelve of its holes.  A fun day of golf was had by all with the pinnacle of the day being the 115 yard Pitching Wedge sunk by Gerry Price on the 5th hole for his first ever hole in one! 




Hole in One Summary



Gerry Price


October 17, 2009


#5 at Legacy on Lanier Golf Club

Club Selection

Pitching Wedge

Shot Description

“The ball dropped just over the front sand trap on a good line with the pin but on arrival at the green we couldn’t see it.  We checked around the green and then actually in the lake until Jim Ironside shouted over to check in the hole and there it was!”

Celebration Style

“Tall Kahlua & milk – at least a double!”

Company Information

Price Industries manufactures air distribution products for non residential construction


We have 4 exceptional par 3’s at Legacy on Lanier Golf Club, the picture above is the 5th hole.  The 5th is also on the lake and you’ll find it with anything left.  Our 10th hole is a challenging 171 yards from a high tee to an undulating green and you’ll find the lake with anything short or right on our 15th!


Call us today at 678-318-7861 to book your tee time and see if you can become part of the Legacy on Lanier hole in one club!

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