Educator Appreciation Tuesdays at LanierWorld!

Being a teacher is hard. Legitimately, ridiculously, seriously hard. Luckily, there’s a built-in thing called “summer” where the kids go home, the school doors are shut, the playground is empty and the chalkboards are wiped clean. Kids dream of summer vacation all year long, but really, so do teachers! It’s not quite the same thing, of course. Where kids dream about staying out late and catching fireflies, teachers dream about their curriculum for the next school year. Where kids lay out by the pool every day, teachers lay out lesson plans for the next school year. Where kids stock up on water balloons, ice pops, video games and orange slices, teachers stock up on reams of paper, dry erase markers, folders and boxes of Kleenex. Teachers don’t get to have the same summer vacation that kids get, but that’s not to say teachers don’t get to have any fun at all. In fact, here at Lake Lanier, we want to make sure teachers get to have the great summer vacation they deserve.

That’s why we’re offering Teacher Tuesdays! Every single Tuesday this summer, you can show your teacher ID at the LanierWorld gate and you’ll get half-off for up to 6 members in your party! Who says being a teacher doesn’t come with summer perks? Not you, after this summer!

So teachers, when you’re reading those “What I Did This Summer” essays you assign at the beginning of the school year, you can know that your students’ summer didn’t even come close to your own!

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