All About Those New Access Passes!

Today it’s all about clearing up any confusion you may have about our new Access Passes! We know this new structure might be a little tough to handle at first, but our friendly and professional staff is here for you, and we’re going to make this smooth like silk.

First of all, why is Lake Lanier implementing this new charge?

Well, based on your feedback, we’ve implemented a variety of improvements at LanierWorld that we are super pumped about. We have now completed the implementation phase, and it’s time for us begin including these awesome new features in our standard access fares. What are these new features, you ask?

We have new, more, and better entertainment! Every single day at LanierWorld we’re featuring at least one band, and often up to THREE! All over the park!! Seriously, our entertainment schedule is jam packed with rad bands, both famous and local. PLUS, we’re offering totally NEW things like the Fun Patrol and interactive kids’ entertainment!

We have extensive new food and beverage options, from all new Boardwalk dining to Bullfrog’s little cousin Tad’s! Have you ever had a Walking Taco? Try it at the Sunset Cantina on Boardwalk! Want to order pizza from Gianni’s and eat it on your boat? Order through your mobile device! Chill out by the Dockside Bar and enjoy patio dining or take your drink down to the beach!

Speaking of dockside, we’ve poured a ton of effort into renovating our Sunset Cove and Big Beach Docks. Be sure to check them out, they’re simply fantastic!

Still speaking of Dockside, you may have noticed our most obvious addition: The Boardwalk, where the Lakeside Entertainment District comes alive! There are tons of dining options just in this strip, PLUS our new Ferris wheel, carnival games, FunTime entertainment, and patio dining!

Furthermore, thanks to popular demand, we’ve extended Big Beach and pulled in even more umbrellas and beach chairs for rental, AND completely renovated and upgraded our bathrooms! For real you guys, Princess Kate would even use these things. They’re that nice.


Here are the 2 Access Only Pass options, each $10 per person, not including kids age 6 and under:

Option 1: Daily Dining, Retail, and Spa Access

Stroll up, buy the $10 Option One Access Pass, and we’ll immediately give you a $10 voucher that is good towards Dining/Food concessions, any of our retail shops, or our new Tranquility on the Water Spa in LanierWorld. This option DOES NOT INCLUDE Beach Access, and is valid ONLY on the day of entry.

Option 2: Daily Beach Access

Stroll up, buy the $10 Option Two Access Pass, and you get all day access to the beach, umbrellas, and beach chairs (which are first come, first serve). You ALSO get access to all our Boardwalk games and Ferris wheel, the volleyball courts, Sunset Cove and Big Beach restaurants, non-lifeguarded swim areas, AND Lakeside Links Minigolf. That is A LOT of things! This option DOES NOT INCLUDE the voucher from Option 1.

Download our Admission Guide

Now, we know everyone will have specific questions, so we’re going to try to answer a few of those here today in, you guessed it!, HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO TIME!!

Access Only Pass Scenarios:

You get off your awesome boat and say, “I don’t like sand in my shorts – I only want to go to the Sunset Cove Beach Cafe & Club to eat.”

Your best option is Option 1.


You get off your awesome boat and say, “I want to enjoy the beach all day, I LOVE building sandcastles!”

If you come more than 3 times per year, then we recommend the SEASON Beach Pass, not the Daily Beach Access PassThe SEASON Beach Pass is $35 and includes ALL the DAILY Beach Pass features, but it’s valid for the whole season, which is May-September.

If you’re just visiting today, then Option 2 is best for you. 


You’re walking around the beach, and you’ve, um, “forgotten” to purchase a Beach Pass:

One of our nice staff members will approach you and say, “I notice you aren’t wearing a Beach Access wristband, would you like to purchase one now? Let me direct you to the nearest purchasing booth.”

But you’re all like “I don’t want to pay for this.”

Since we’ve finished implementing all those amazing new things you saw earlier, our beach is now for patrons only. It’s cool if you want to pull up in your boat and hang out, but we’ve got a pristine beach to maintain, and if you want to use it, we need everyone to do their part – even if it is just pitching in $10 per person.


You get off your awesome boat and say, “I just want to get a drink.”

Are you planning on eating, too? If so, then Option 1 is best for you – it includes a food and retail voucher.

If you aren’t planning on eating, then Option 2 is best – it includes beach access so you can relax on the beach while you enjoy your beverage.


You get off your awesome boat and say, “My kids just want to play on the beach and build sandcastles – I’d rather just stay on my awesome boat.”

Option 2 is best for you. We do require that kids under 12 be accompanied by an adult chaperone, though. Even though kids walk around our park all day without their parents holding their hands, our beach is not patrolled by lifeguards like our waterpark is. For your kids’ safety, we’re counting on you as a responsible and super cool chaperone to help them build that rad sandcastle and just keep an eye on them while they’re on the beach.


You’re thinking to yourself right now, “I read/heard last week that I get a voucher when I purchase an Access Pass…”

You are describing Option 1.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to call us up at (770) 945-8787 or visit us online at

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  • martha - June 1, 2013

    What about parking. Is it free?

  • Tod Rawlins - June 1, 2013

    What if I have a waterpark yearly pass? What do I get?

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 1, 2013

    You get all access to everything in LanierWorld (beaches, slides, entertainment, restaurants, etc.) and you get unlimited front gate access for the season.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 1, 2013

    Parking is included with the All Attractions Season Pass. Otherwise, it’s $10 to get through the front gate. However, you then use that receipt from the $10 at front gate towards one of the 2 Options for daily access.

    For example, if there are 2 of you in the car, you pay $10 at front gate. Use that receipt at gate to LanierWorld to cover 1 of your $10 admissions. The second person pays $10 for their daily access-only pass admission into LanierWorld. So, it’s $20 total.

  • Jamie Case - June 1, 2013

    This is complicated and kinda off putting. Between you guys and stone mountain I just wanna say forget it, pump the money into my gas tank and take the kids to a normal beach or park where I dont have to worry about restricted access and whether or not I have purchased the right pass. 🙁

  • Dave - June 1, 2013

    What option would I select if all I want to do is leave my my awesome boat and use your awesome bathroom facilities and go back to my my awesome boat instead of using sunset cove as a bathroom.

    Also which option would I choose if I want to leave my awesome boat,…eat then hang out on the awesome beach near my awesome boat?

  • Doug Crum - June 1, 2013

    what about those of us who purchased the $100 Islands Partner (yeary gate pass) back in March with understanding of access to Sunset Cove?

  • Annie Fendrick - June 2, 2013

    Bravo! We are boaters and frequently came to sunset cove last season. The upgrades are fantastic and the beach access program and price are very fair. We already bought the season pass and will be there even more this season. The new docks are great, btw.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 3, 2013

    We’re hoping that you don’t want to come to our facilities just to use the restroom… If you want to eat and then hang out on the beach, we recommend Option 2. If you go with Option 1, then eat, you haven’t spent any extra money – it all goes towards your food with the voucher. But you’d still have to get the Beach Access wristband whether you eat or not.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 3, 2013

    We’re checking on this, we’ll have an answer as soon as possible.

  • RH Harrison - June 5, 2013

    I think the gate access charge is overkill, I have three kids who are too young to drive, maybe a lower price pass for someone who doesn’t need too park, and one for the adults who are bringing then. And I agree, the whole beach access pass thing is confusing.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 5, 2013

    Your gate fee goes towards your first Access Only Pass to LanierWorld. Do you have any questions about access?

  • RH Harrison - June 5, 2013

    I purchased four all access passes, so ended up paying gate access four times.

  • RH Harrison - June 5, 2013

    I.meant parking access lol!!

  • Doug Crum - June 6, 2013

    I do not think my question from 01 June has been addressed. When my wife and I purchased our $100 Islands Partner Pass (March) there were two options to access Sunset Cove. 1) pay each time at gate and reimbursed if purchase is made at Sunset Cove or 2) purchase an annual gate pass and no limitations to Sunset Cove. We went for option 2 as we are seniors who enjoy an occasional walk and lunch/dinner at Sunset Cove. We also liked option 2 because there have been times we wanted eat and due to crowds or change in weather decided not to wait without losing money for leaving. This also came at a time the annual gate pass had gone from $50 to $100 but we justified due to Christmas at Lanier being added. We ask at the gate for clarity but instead offered the number for your COO. I understand change but when it comes after several months into the year and for a service you have discontinued at the very least being grandfathered for remainder of season would be a nice gesture as opposed to a feeling of being misled.

  • Kyle Maurer - June 6, 2013

    I just purchased 4 LanierWorld season passes. I always reserve a dock slip each time I visit and bring different guests with me. Can a guest use one of my season passes or are they assigned to be used only by a single, specific person? I hope you are going to be picky about who is using the season pass.

    By the way, I love the new docks that support bigger boats like mine. Anchoring is nearly impossible in sunset cove! Thanks.

  • Kyle Maurer - June 6, 2013

    Oops. Previous post I meant to say “I hope you aren’t going to be picky…”.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 7, 2013

    Kyle: The Season Passes have ame a picture on each. However, if you’re reserving a dock slip, it comes with 4 beach passes per reservation, so your passengers without passes will have access included as well.

  • Chris - June 9, 2013

    We used to come in a hang out for a few hours and get some pizza and ride the Ferris wheel….probably not anymore. I can’t pay $40 every time I take the family in there. I like the changes with the docks and wake park… Bummer I won’t be seeing it anymore.

  • John - June 9, 2013

    Are all the tickets for the Ferris wheel that I have from last year no longer any good?

  • Doug Crum - June 11, 2013

    Is there some reason you can’t or will not answer my question?

  • Sherri - June 11, 2013

    You said you can use your parking receipt for one of the daily options but I thought you are supposed to leave the receipt in your car on the front dashboard. Can you ask for two receipts?

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 12, 2013

    We are still working on getting an answer for you.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 17, 2013

    Try one of our season pass options, like the Beach Pass. It gets you access all summer.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 17, 2013

    Do they have a use by, valid or expiration date on the Ferris wheel tickets?

  • Kristen - June 19, 2013

    Is the all access season-pass for $80 the only option regardless of age? I find some of the information misleading when planning out the best option for families with small children. We have a 2 1/2 year old and twin 5/12 year old daughters (one under 42″ and one taller than 42″) so if we wanted all access passes for all 5 family members what would we actually be paying? I would hope that the Lanier family/company would appreciate in this economy that there are better solutions to offer families with young children.

  • dana coon - June 20, 2013

    I am so DISAPPOINTED in this new charge at Lake Lanier. With the economy the way it is Sunset was the only place you could go in Atlanta and enjoy a nice beach and and who wants to have an arm band when they are trying to get a tan and enjoy the sunshine.

    I have a boat and we loved to bring our grandson to the beach it was great to be able to park on the beach and watch him have fun now we are not able to do that because WHO can afford these kind of fees for the weekend.

    I think you have gone overboard with all the extras the crowds are surely not there anymore like it was for the past 3 years and the BANDS are a WASTE of time and money people go go the beach and lake to swim and enjoy the sand and water not to stand around and watch a band and I feel sorry for the band members that are wasting their time playing in the heat with no one paying any attention.

    The new dock side fast food restaurants are a good choice when you want to get something quick because it took way too long to get your food at the Sunset bar and grill. Also a CARNIVAL really the lake is for enjoying the sun and sand it is a waste of money.

    All in all you have gone and taken away what was a great place to enjoy your weekend by adding all of these fees. I am sure Lake Lanier Island has plenty of money and now you are gong to force people that were loyal visitors to find other fun for the summer. Very disappointed in all the changes you should have not messed with a good thing. I am sure you will see the decline in visitors throughout the summer as I already have noticed not so many people up there. Blocking off the left side of the beach with chair rentals is also a waste of money as they are empty most of the weekend.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 20, 2013

    We have season beach access passes for people who come often, and if your grandson is under 6, he can play on the beach free of charge. Our wristbands allow people to leave the park without paying for re-entry, and are an efficient way for us to keep track of visitors. Our new concert series and beach bands definitely improve the festive atmosphere of the park, and Coney Island has had great success with their carnival for decades. We thought it would be a fun addition to the park. People enjoy LanierWorld in a variety of ways, including the water park, mini-golf, the Boardwalk, and of course, the beach. The new umbrellas and chairs are included with your beach access. We hope you continue to enjoy all that Lake Lanier Islands has to offer.

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 20, 2013

    We do not currently have any family pack options, but we will certainly pass along your idea to the appropriate person.

  • dana - June 20, 2013

    It is sad that you have had to take that fun away from those families that cannot afford your beach pass. It is CRAZY to CHARGE for being able to walk across the sand that for 3 years now has been free of charge and you want to capitalize on it…. If I wanted to pay for a chair and umbrella in the sand then I would go to Panama City or Miami or the Bahamas the convenience of having Sunset Cove is that is is local.

    It is always about the money. If people wanted to go to CONEY ISLAND then I guess they should get a plane ticket and go visit there not really seeing lines of people utilizing those rides when they have the water to play in.

    I also did not see anyone standing in the hot sun watching the band you had playing last weekend on the stage that was brought from the water onto the concrete…Felt sorry for the band.

    Oh and to have to pay this fee to use the bathrooms just because you remodeled them what do you want people to do use the lake as a toilet…….

  • Lake Lanier Islands - June 20, 2013

    We are a resort, not a state park with government funding. The only reason it was free for the first few years is because it was still in development. We finished in early May and now have a finished product to offer our resort guests.

    The bands are more for mood and atmosphere, not specifically for sitting directly in front of and listening to.

  • Doug Crum - June 22, 2013

    It has been 21 days since I first ask for clarification to a concern and still waiting on LLI to answer. On 03 June & 12 June you did provide the following:
    Lake Lanier Islands says: We are still working on getting an answer for you.

    If need, please see my question/comment posted 01, 06, and 11 June for familiarization.
    To add to my original question/concern I am not interested in the beach just occasional dinner at one of the fine food venues at Sunset Cove but to pay $100 for that access in March, 2013 and then in May be told to pay an additional $10 per visit to Sunset Cove if I want to eat just feels odd. If you knew in March you were a ‘work in progress’ and anxious to take my $100 for the Islands Partner Pass you should have communicated to me at the time of my annual purchase so I could have re-evaluated. Since we have almost lost one of the few summer months left do you really intend to address me or is your answer continuing to be a “work-in-progress?”
    I have a nice $100 pass but all I can do is ride or walk around the park (resort). I am not asking for a favor, special treatment, or a freebie just asking you honor what you sold me!

    On 20 June in reply to another questioner: Lake Lanier Islands says:
    We are a resort, not a state park with government funding. The only reason it was free for the first few years is because it was still in development. We finished in early May and now have a finished product to offer our resort guests. I feel like I am a paid resort guest wanting to use the service we paid for!

  • MATT - July 7, 2013

    I do understand the need for funding and improvements. I do understand that you are not a states funded park. What I dont understand is the high cost. I take my family there 4 to 5 times a year and to have to spend $60.00 plus dollars every time I stand on the beach seems excessive. I use your bars and resturants often. I spend money in your water park and have stayed at your resort many times. ITS EXPENSIVE !!! I agree with a charge but a more reasonable one would be understood. I know you get a voucher but its not the point im gonna spend it anyway. I would think by now you have seen a decline in your revenue from boates and smaller crowds in the cove. I would hope that you would reconsider the higher charge and it be a little more reasonable espically for a larger family.

  • Eugene - May 30, 2014

    Is there any way to cancel a season pass because by mistake i purcesed it for my two years old kid ?

  • Cassie - June 3, 2014

  • Jo - June 29, 2014

    if you have a season pass to waterpark does that include sunset cove also

  • Jeanne McMahan - July 11, 2014

    Does the $10.00 Access Only pass apply to Kiddie Lagoon and Wiggle Waves? (I’m not sure if they are considered “non-lifeguarded” swim areas.)


  • Cassie - August 11, 2014

    We no longer offer these passes. For a full list of the types of access passes you can purchase, please visit our website.

  • Cassie - August 11, 2014

    Yes, that includes Sunset Cove.

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