2012 Service & Manager Heroes

Each year, we recognize those on our staff that go above and beyond the call of duty here at the Resort. Congratulations to Charlene Lively & Angela Hutchinson 

Charlene Lively

Through the years, Charlene has demonstrated her command of the telephone system. She recognizes most callers on the first few syllables and is the quickest draw on the switchboard. Charlene takes her job very seriously, which sows in her performance. She makes the switchboard look easy, although most of us know it can be quite intimidating.

Angela Hutchinson

Nose to the ground, Angela always has a smile not only on her lips, but in her eyes. It is evident that Angela truly enjoys what she does and her attention to detail is second to none. Her compassionate and caring nature makes her an ideal leader. She carries with her a passion, which guiders her on a daily basis and is noticed by the guests as she consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that their stay on the lake is the best it could possibly be.

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